Volleyball and More

nlsw-vball-game-collageIt’s a National Lutheran School Week tradition. The 8th grade students challenge the faculty and staff to a game of volleyball. I choose not to play simply because the game is so hilarious, I need to watch it from the bleachers. Listening to the students shout and cheer as a classmate makes a good play (the ball goes over the net) or a teacher misses a serve is one of those priceless moments that I so enjoy in my work at Immanuel.

There is an unmistakable bond between the teachers and their students. Middle school students cheer on the teacher that taught them in first or second grade. Younger students are excited to watch their teacher in a new role as she tries to spike the ball over the net to her former students. It is nothing less than good-natured Christian fun that flows naturally from the love and commitment teachers have for their students. It is reinforced by parents who choose Immanuel for its spiritual, moral, and high academic standards.

Indeed, it is more than a volleyball game. It’s more than an hour of fun on a Friday afternoon after a busy week. It is much more than working off unspent energy before students gather up their computer notebooks and weekend assignments. It’s Immanuel, a Lutheran school preparing children for a world that needs to play a lot more volleyball.

See you in church, school, and maybe even the gym,
Pastor Tom

Author: Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Acton

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