Shrove Tuesday ~ Burning of the Palm Branches

shrovetuesdayMaking of the Ashes

Come take part in this brief and poignant service of reflection and preparation for Lent as we burn last year’s Palm Sunday fronds to use for this year’s Ash Wednesday ashes.

If you still have the palm fronds you received last year, bring them! We’ll gather in the courtyard on Tuesday, February 28 at 2:30. This service only lasts for about 20 minutes.

As these palm branches are changed to ash,
change us, Lord; make us new.

A little background…Shrove is the past tense of the word shrive, which means to hear a confession, and absolve from sin. In the Middle Ages, especially in Northern Europe and England, it became the custom to confess one’s sins on the day before Lent began to enter the penitential season in the right spirit.  Lent, the penitential period before Easter, has been a time of fasting and abstinence for many Christians. Some choose to abstain from all meat and items that came from animals, including butter, eggs, cheese, and fat. That is why Shrove Tuesday became known as Mardi Gras, the French term for Fat Tuesday. Over time, Mardi Gras extended from a single day to the entire period of Shrovetide, the days from the last Sunday before Lent through Shrove Tuesday.  More info: Pancakes, Ashes, and Lent.

See you in the courtyard,
Pastor Tom

Author: Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Acton

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