A Blessing from Immanuel’s 4th Graders

Special Olympics Global Messengers Kurt and Lisa Nobel gathered with Immanuel Lutheran School students for chapel Wednesday.

Holy Week and Easter Services can take their toll on a pastor and I’m certainly not immune.  And we had another worship service yesterday!  It was the usual weekly school chapel, except it wasn’t usual.

Immanuel’s 4th grade students led us in worship and they did it very well.  What a blessing to the whole school and one I enjoyed very much! Bible verses, song, and an offering, plus lots of standing and sitting back down…at the appropriate times of course.  Some of their parents were even able to attend this midday service, blessing them too.

The blessings didn’t stop when chapel ended. We were joined by Special Olympics Global Messengers Kurt and Lisa Nobel, who thanked Immanuel for supporting the Hospitality and Game Tent on Sunday.  They also stressed the importance of doing your best and supporting your teammates. More on that here…

See you in church and in the community!
Pastor Tom

Author: Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Acton

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