A Prayer for Mothers…

We pray for all mothers today...As I do every year in honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a prayer with you.

Mother’s Day should be one of the happiest, stress-free days of the year! It should be a day when children reach out to thank their moms with a special gift, a phone call or perhaps even a personal visit. It should be . . . but too often, it is not. I thank God for each mom who will enjoy Sunday, blessed with a gift, a phone call, or even a visit.  But I am all too aware that for many women, Mother’s Day is difficult.

I do not even remember where this prayer came from, or when I began to use it. It has been in my file for years. I do know that it has been included in the prayers offered on Mother’s Day at churches I have served for at least the last 20 years, and probably longer.  It is a prayer for all mothers and all would-be mothers.  It’s for those who have been denied the privilege of motherhood, as well as those mothers with children but who may feel neglected or troubled by other circumstances. It is not a long prayer, in fact, it is rather simple, and yet I think you will agree with me that it is very powerful. I offer these words for your prayerful consideration.

Dear Lord,

We pray for all mothers today:

For expectant mothers, especially those awaiting the birth of their first child;

For those who have young children and who get tired and harassed with so much to do;

For those who are anxious because their children are growing up and seem to be growing away from them;

For those who feel a sense of emptiness as their children marry and leave home;

For those who are elderly and may feel unwanted;

For those who have no husband to share their responsibilities – the widowed, the divorced and the unmarried mother.

We pray also for those who have been denied the privilege of motherhood and so desperately yearn for children to love and nurture.

Lastly, we pray for those closest to us; may we love and care for them as we ourselves have been loved and helped. We ask it for your love’s sake.


See you in church,
Pastor Tom

Author: Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Acton

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