Last Sunday, I had the privilege of inviting our teachers up to the altar. It was the annual teacher/staff recognition. God has blessed Immanuel beyond measure with the opportunity to operate our school. We do not take this opportunity lightly. Each student is important to everyone who serves at Immanuel. God has entrusted us to educate each child, and to share the message of Jesus Christ. We couldn’t do it without our teachers and staff. And speaking of staff, I also called on Jan Pemoller.  We are truly thankful for her service – 25 years at Immanuel and counting! It got a chuckle when I commented on the fact that Jan has worked with 8 pastors here at Immanuel! We also noted all “anniversaries,” in five-year increments:

  • Kendall Braun – 5 years
  • Jackie Hetzner – 35 years in Ministry
  • Linda Kinsella – 25 years
  • Emily Laubenstein – 10 years in Ministry (10 at Immanuel)
  • Nikki Lloyd – 10 years in ministry (5 at Immanuel)
  • Diane Nordman 10 at Immanuel
  • Jan Pemoller – 25 years
  • Paula Schroeder – 15 years at Immanuel
Me, Pastor Matt, my daughter Kim, and my wife Carol – shown here at Matt’s Ordination.

This Sunday I will be observing another noteworthy event in “education” – a graduation.  My son-in-law, Pastor Matthew Rosebrock, is graduating from the Fuller Theological Seminary in California. As you can imagine, we are all thrilled for him and grateful that God has provided this opportunity.  I regret that I am unable to attend Immanuel’s Voter’s Meeting. A seminary won’t move a graduation because one father-in-law needs to attend a meeting.

See you in church – just not this weekend,
Pastor Tom

Author: Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Acton

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