Three Hurricanes & an Earthquake

Two Three Hurricanes And An Earthquake

Waking up early this morning, checking Twitter as is my normal habit, I saw that an earthquake in Mexico was trending. As I thought about that, I realized that there are two, no make that three, hurricanes. (Jose is following Irma and Katia is hitting Mexico, plus the strongest earthquake in a century rocked Mexico.) What is happening?

Apparently, it is not unusual to have three active hurricanes in the Atlantic basin at the same time. Last May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted an “Above Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season”[i].  Three hurricanes seem extreme to me, but a little research tells me that happens about once every 10 years, the last time was in 2010[ii]. So, predictions of the imminent end of the world are not accurate.

All that aside, it is difficult to imagine the stress people throughout Florida are experiencing. We all watch the recovery efforts in Texas every day. Everyone has a good picture of the devastation caused by Harvey. Irma is predicted to have stronger winds, along with a tremendous surge of water that will flood Florida, and perhaps further north.

So, at Immanuel we will continue to offer daily prayers and accept donations for hurricane victims. We will get every donation to people in need. As Jesus teaches, those who experience the hurricanes, the victims and those who respond, all are our neighbors (Luke 10:29ff). Not only are they neighbors, we all have friends and family affected by these disasters.

So, please join with me in prayer, my friends. Here is a prayer I’ve written today. You may use this or even better, just pray from your heart.

Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe,

We are witnessing tremendous destruction and human pain and loss. We are humbled before you as these hurricanes strike land. Some wonder if Paul’s words, “in the last days there will come times of difficulty” (2 Timothy 3:1) are happening before our eyes. As people are stressed and struggle with life these days, may they turn to you and not away. May we share our burdens with each other even as we share them with you. And may those who provide service to people in harm’s way be protected themselves so they may serve without fear.

We ask this in the name of Jesus, who by his very word calmed the seas,


See you in church, or collecting relief supplies,
Pastor Tom

“Be humbled by God’s power so that when the right time comes he will honor you (I Peter 5:6)”.


[ii] Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with Weather Underground, in an email to Gizmodo.


Author: Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Acton

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